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The importance of River Fly monitoring

River flies, along with other freshwater invertebrates, are at the heart of the freshwater ecosystem and are a vital link in the aquatic food chain. Their common characteristics of limited mobility, relatively long life cycle, presence throughout the year and specific tolerances to changes in environmental conditions make them good biotic indicators of water quality and useful indicators of change in local environmental conditions.

Kick Sampling

Frensham Fly Fishers have a dedicated team of volunteers who carry out regular invertebrate sampling and recording

Here is a short film of what this involves

Sampling results analysis

Once the sampling has been carried out, we analyse the data and produce regular charts of our findings on a beat by beat basis

Volunteers welcome

If you are a member of the Frensham Fly Fishers and would like get involved with the club's river fly monitoring activities then please contact us at and we will pass your details onto the team


One of our long standing members, Dr Cyril Bennett, has become a renowned authority on river fly life, and in particular the Mayfly.  Cyril was one of the founding members of The River Fly Partnership and you can find out more about their work at  

Here are some of the resources that Cyril and his colleagues have created that you may find interesting

Flies of the River Wey

(click on image for presentation)

The Summer Mayflies

(click on image for presentation)

Flies of the River Test.jpg

The Flies of the River Test

(click on image)

..... more information

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about about fly life in our rivers then please get in touch with us via and we will pass your details onto the team

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